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up to 600 dollars

VanClub Overview

VanClub, a service of the Riverside County Transportation Commission, subsidizes eligible vanpools up to $600 per month towards the cost of a vanpool lease, which includes vehicle maintenance, roadside assistance, and insurance.

Basic Qualifications to Start a Vanpool

  • Have a minimum of five riders (including driver)
  • Lease a seven to 15-seat vehicle from an approved Vanpool Provider
  • Commute more than 30 miles roundtrip each day
  • Commute 12 or more days each month

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Average Savings is $200 or More

vanpool savings

Driving along/carpool source: IRS avg. cost per mile. 70 mile round trip commute.
Vanpool source: VanClub: 70 mile round trip commute. 5 riders.

Why VanClub?

save time Save Time: Zip past traffic in the carpool lane or the express lanes for free or reduced tolls.
breathe easier Breathe Easier: Relax on the way to work while reducing fuel consumption and air pollution.
save money Save Money: Save 70% in commute costs when switching from driving alone.
vanpool participants

VanClub Members Are Making A Real Impact

trips reduced
gallons saved
co2 avoided
"Vanpooling has made my 100-mile daily commute manageable. Sharing the commute with others provides camaraderie. It also reduces my carbon emissions and saves money. Driving alone no longer makes sense."
— James E., VanClub member